FWI Custom Homes is uniquely qualified for home remodeling and renovations, adding new and exciting living space to existing homes and seamlessly guiding homeowners through the design / build process. Families seeking to stay within their existing neighborhoods or bring aging homes up-to-date have worked with FWI’s team to deliver additions and renovations that are compatible with existing structures and the surrounding neighborhood.

Kitchens, baths, family rooms, mudrooms, master bedroom suites, basement finishing, elevators, and both indoor and outdoor pools, are all part of our repertoire. Our highly managed process has allowed us to work with clients residing in other cities and traveling abroad, as well as, working with families to prepare for senior accommodations.

Whether structural modifications or decorative enhancements — FWI provides the highest quality of service and delivers a high-level of client communication and satisfaction. Our success is a reflection of our client relationships.

Experts in the building process, we have been called upon as advisors to clients seeking third-party construction knowledge in the fields of building performance, structural modifications, and high-level finishing details. References available upon request.